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ECBR is one of the few EATON Authorized Brake Shoe Rebuilding shops on the East Coast.


East Coast Brake Rebuilders rebuilds a brake shoe using the Eaton Top Spec Machine instead of the 600 Ton Coining Press. ECBR ensures that all brake shoes have a solid foundation for the new lining to proceed to the riveting process. We believe the Eaton Top Spec Machine guarantees our customers a true OEM quality brake shoe.


Claims are true that the Eaton Top Spec Stretch Machine only corrects stretching and will not repair defects such as kinks and twists, however, if a brake shoe is brought in with such defects (kinks and twists) the shoe is discarded. Thus the claim is deemed irrelevant.


In the coining process the table of the brake shoe is simply stamped, fixing only discrepancies in the table itself. The Eaton Top Spec Machine actually measures the looseness of the brake shoes anchor & cam ends as well as the geometry (stretch) of the shoe to ensure that it is within OEM specifications. Guaranteeing proper shoe to drum contact.


Through the use of the Eaton Top Spec Stretch Machine the brake is completely realigned and brought back to original manufacturer’s specifications. If any discrepancies still exist the shoe is discarded.





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